Oinai Otsu Terms of Service

Reservation Policy

  • Reservation in advance is required for all activities.
  • If an activity’s maximum number of attendees has already been reached for a specific day, reservations for that day can no longer be accepted.

Personal Responsibility

  • Individual participants shall be fully responsible for their actions during the course of activities.
  • Oinai Otsu shall not be responsible or liable for any accident, illness or injury incurred during travel to the activity venue or during the activity time.

Instruction from Organizer

  • Please follow all instructions given by store/venue staff or Oinai Otsu staff. In cases of failure to comply with any such instructions, we may ask participants to immediately leave the activity.

Legal Compliance

  • For plans that require walking in public spaces, please comply with local rules of traffic and safety as well as rules of general public conduct.
  • We will not accept any minors to attend activities which include alcohol consumption. In some cases we will ask you to submit identification for age verification.
  • Driving after drinking any amount of alcohol is strictly prohibited by Japanese law.

Cancellation or Change by Oinai Otsu

  • Plans are subject to change or cancellation under various circumstances. In such cases, we will notify you in advance.

Attire & Belongings

  • We encourage all attendees to wear attire appropriate to the activity type.
  • For your safety, we strongly recommend that you bring your health or traveler’s insurance card with you.


  • If you or any members of your group have any food allergies, please inform us at the time of reservation, or upon your arrival before the activity starts.

Photo Disclaimer

  • We reserves the right to use photographs or videos taken during your activities. These photos may be shown publicly on our website or brochures. If you do not wish to be included in such photographs, please let us know beforehand.

Cancellation by Customers

  • For refund of payment, please request cancellation via email no later than 12:00 pm, 3 days before the scheduled date. After this period, refunds will not be granted (refund period based on local Japan time).
    ( eg. Cancel before noon on Friday for an activity reserved for the following Monday. )


We reserve the right to request attendees to leave immediately in circumstances such as:

  • behavior that is disturbing to the neighborhood residents.
  • any attendee(s) who, by our discretion, we believe should not attend the activity.

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